Nest …Was $249..Now $129 – $100 Rebate

I’ve been looking that this for a few years, but could never bring myself to pay the $249.00 at Home Depot to purchase a Nest Thermostat.  Last Mothers Day, while enjoying a late brunch with Licia, her Mom and Dad, and Tino (my brother in-law) at Downtown Crown, Tino was showing off a cool little app that let him control his thermostat from home. He just got a Nest 3rd generation with the recent upgrade of this air conditioning/furnace, and mentioned that Washington Gas was offering a $100 rebate. Sold! Happy Mother’s Day Licia!  I know, I know, not quite as good as the lawn tractor I bought you several years ago, but I know you love thermotats.  I ordered it  right then and there on Amazon ($223 + $5.95 Shipping).

Check it out here for the Amazon deal.

For the Washington Gas deal ($100 off in Maryland), Check it out here (expires Dec 31,2016, $100 off for wifi enabled thermostats).

It came in the mail a few day’s later. They thought of everything (kit includes everything you need to install, including faceplate screws, and screw driver). Although they suggest getting a professional to install ($84), I found the instructions are very homeowner friendly.  I got it installed in about 10 minutes (after reading the instructions, something I normally don’t do, but fear of damaging my furnace or air conditioning can be motivating).

Is it possible to love a thermostat?

I vote Yes. It is incredible. It has in interactive color display, which you can control from your smartphone app, or by twisting and clicking the outer metal ring on the unit.  You can set a schedule, temperate range, and tweak it time to time when it is too hot or cold. In about a week, it has learned your preferences and patterns, and you can forget about it. It reports how many hours you have run each day, the indoor and outdoor (remember it is wifi enabled, so it looks up your external temperature from the weather service). It even tells your humidity level.  Finally, its display “wakes up” when you approach it, brightening up awaiting your interaction. You don’t want to see the thermostat image continually (e.g. 75 degrees for example), select the clock face, and you have a digital clock too.

Go buy one. Let me know if you have questions on installation. Very easy.


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  1. Great to see this. You should write about how you got a Bob to control the TV. Next time I come over i want to see you nest. Sounds cool.

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