$2.35 – Doppio Con Panna – Starbuck’s Only Real Italian Drink

It is hard to find a $2 drink at Starbucks these days. Sure, there are the $4-$5 Latte’s or Cappucino’s, but those of us who know better, they are but the Disney’fied version of the real thing. Sure they taste good, but not really. The steamed milk and froth lack the Espresso Makerdenseness of an authentic Cappucino. When is the last time I saw Crema on an Starbucks expresso shot? The small stove top espresso (a $34 aluminum deal at Amazon) maker at my in-laws (natives of Rome) place delivers better results than the $5000 machinery at Starbucks. But we still all go. (The drip coffees are grear though).

Well, there is hope. The reasonably authentic Italian coffee drink at Starbucks isn’t even on the menu. They know it though. The insiders order it. They’ll make it. Stare them down if you have to.

Avoid the poorly made steamed milk at Starbucks, and the hot mess they call a “Cappuccino”. Ok, Ok. Their Cappuccino doesn’t taste bad. It just isn’t a well made Cappuccino.  If they were honest with their advertising, and called it “Starbucks Hot Mess Italian Thingy”, I would be more ok with it. At least it is an honest name for it. I do feel sorry for the coffee beans who needed to give up their lives for this drink. Clearly a hollow sacrifice on their part. I hold the beans harmless, though. The aspire to be part of a higher drink, though, such as my favorite.

Next time you are there go for a “Doppio Con Panna” (Pronounced Dough Pee Oh Con Paaan Na, but say it fast). Gesture with your hands vigorously (It’ll add authenticity to your request, and they’ll know you are serious). Practice it. Say it wrong, and they’ll probably give you a “Cappuccino”. If they play dumb, it is probably a new guy. Ask the experienced barista to make it.

IMG_4185It is a double Shot of Expresso, with whip cream. Make sure they fill the whip to within an inch of the top. Don’t get too much whip, as when you try to mix it in with expresso, too
much whip won’t give the desired results. So remember, 1 inch from the top, in a tall cup (not the Dixie cup size).  Then stir it until it is a uniform strongly coffee flavored concoction. Stir in sweetener as you like. Aren’t the simpleist things the best? Way better than a Starbuck’s Cappuccino.

And at $2.35, you can’t get a better deal. Be an insider. Order it. You won’t be sorry. DO NOT ask them to add it to the menu, otherwise, EVERYONE WILL KNOW. Don’t spoil the deal. Let me know what you think, when you order it.



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