Migliaccio – Spaghetti Cake

Well, Licia doesn’t really know the real name for this, but we call it Spaghetti Cake. Nonna makes this on occasion, and it is delicious! She called it Migliaccio, which is a relative’s name or something.  I think Licia will get the real name. So we are not sure if this is an evolution of a classic Italian recipe, or a family recipe.

It is a semi sweet, somewhat gelatinous mixture of sweetened ricotta cheese, and Spaghetti, and a hint of Anise (could it be Sambucca?), and bound together by egg, and maybe lemon?  I am going to ask Licia or one of the kids to get the recipe, and with her permission post it later here. It is good cold or slightly heated, with Coffee or Milk.

So, I guess that is all I can say for now.  Let Licia know we want to get the recipe.


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