$2.40 Sweaters … Kohl’s

My loving wife (Licia, 27 years and counting), has continually kept my wardrobe “in tune” with my variable physique, chock full of really great golf shirts, formal shirts, and sweaters.  In fact, my closet is bursting at the seams.  Recently I indicated I probably have enough shirts for the next 10 or 20 years, but to no avail. My wife’s love for me (and I suspect her love for Kohl’s deals) continues, and my closet gets fuller.

But…how can I turn down a $2.40 Marino wool sweater, marked down from $36.  Normally I find shirts in my closet with the only hint they are new (they all look similar to me at this
IMG_9323point), is a tag.  My normal mode of ope
ration is that once I find a new shirt, I inquire to my lovely wife, “Is this new?”.  Her response is normally “That is old” (despite the tag attached), which basically means I didn’t notice it’s addition until just now. Quickly followed up by “but it was only $5.00”, which is a tough argument to counter. So the wardrobe expands.


So what is Kohl’s up to? Are they selling $5.00 shirts for $65.00 normally? I don’t think so, these are very good quality, most are brand names, but many are Kohl’s brands.  I think this basically is an alternative model to “Outlet” stores (such as Gap, Nike, etc).  Most companies move their out of season items and clearance items to “Outlets”. But you can imagine the overhead (lease on retail space, separate employees, shipping costs of moving around merchandise) consumes some of the savings a consumer can gain. So instead of Kohl’s shouldering these costs, they directly pass along much better clearance savings to you, the consumer. The 90% off isn’t a rarity at Kohl’s, if you can bear with buying early spring clothes in May, late spring.

I won’t give any of Licia’s “Kohl’s” secrets for now, and hope Licia will offer those intricate and ninja like skills, in a follow on article. Licia, at least capture it for the kids. They’ll need to buy their own cloths eventually/hopefully.


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  1. One of these days I will have to go shopping with Licia to learn her tricks. She gets great value for her buck. ~ Amy


    1. Mark says:

      She has honed them to a miraculously fine shine!


  2. writelybee says:

    Reblogged this on visionarypress.com and commented:
    This was a pretty amusing article . I have acquired these bargaining skills from many years of practice.


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