&Pizza – Good Fast Casual Pizza

IMG_9438&Pizza (www.andpizza.com) is a fast casual pizza chain in DC, that serves some really convincingly good pizza (see our Pizza map, of good pizza places, this is on it). You know fast casual, like Chipotle burritos,  Cava’s Greek rice bowls, and Subway assembly line subs. In this case, &Pizza offers premium ingredients that are assembled in about 5-6 minutes.  I usually am not that excited about chain restaurants, but this one is special. It isn’t franchised, and has 7 locations in the DC area.  It knows how to do pizza right, with a selection of crisp pizza crusts, high quality ingredients, such as fiore di latte fresh mozzerella, sausages, fresh mushrooms, and  arugula.  All pizza’s are the same cost, so light or loaded, same price. They break the process into three steps: Dough & Sauce, Toppings, and Finishing (see Below).  If you like to stay organic, all ingredients are organic, non GMO (Really, since there are no mass produced Pepsi or Coke products that have GMO tinged high fructose corn syrup), and hormone free cow products (i.e. cheese).  The produce is locally sourced when possible, and options change based on seasonal availability. What makes it more fun, is that it is group table seating, so you’ll be scraping elbows with your neighbors.

IMG_9460Dough and Sauce

First you select your dough, sauce, and cheese.  For dough, this includes ancient grains, traditional and gluten free.  The sauces include classic tomato, spicy, mushroom truffle, and basil pesto.  All terrific. For cheese, fresh mozzerella (fiore di latte), and “cheese blend” (go for the fresh).

The (Baked) Toppings

Next is to add any of their proteins or veggies as toppings, ranging from a delicious quartered Italian sweet sausage with a subtle hint of fennel, or an excellent salami, or pepperoni, egg (raw), bacon or even Shrimp.  Veggies include grilled onion, mushroom, fresh tomato, roasted pepper, and jalapeno.  All these go in now, as they will get baked.


After it comes out of the oven nicely crisp and charred, you can add leafy finishes (including arugula, basil, kalamata olives, sun dried tomato, banana peppers), cheese (feta, goat, parmesan), and dressing (fig balsamic, olive oil, garlic sauce, and basil pesto).

IMG_9457House Made Sodas

The also have custom formulated sodas, made from cane sugar and natural flavors, including:

  • Ginger Berry Lemonade
  • Dark Cherry Cola
  • Mango + Passion Fruit
  • Pear + Fig Elixir
  • White Birch
  • Burdock + Anise Root Beer

I like the root beer, and the Pear + Fig Elixir. All are great, and made with cane sugar, so no corn GMO!

http://www.andpizza.com, go try it. You’ll like it.



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