This is a blog about the random thoughts and interests that consume my spare time. Pursuing happiness is a right in the USA, achieving it is another matter. It is not the path of least resistance, instead requiring intentionality and effort. I do believe the journey is half the fun.

I am a:

  • Family man -married to the lovely Licia (25 years and counting), with Maggie (a soon to be nurse, and world traveler), Peter (an aspiring Archeologist), Chris (we are not sure what he does, but he is fun to have around), and Stella Luna (our Sheltie)
  • Foodie –  being in DC, I look for the authentic hole in the wall places.
  • Traveler, but have a champagne taste, but only a beer budget to pursue it.
  • Beer – As Flying Dog says, “good people drink good beer”. I’ll let you know when I find one.
  • Mr. Gizmo – I like to know how things work, and to make things.
  • Frugality – Anyone can pay a high price, it takes creativity to pay less.