Great Beer – Brewer’s Art – Resurrection Dubbel

A Baltimore favorite among Beer Aficionados, off the beaten path, with exceptional food and beer. Try Resurrection Beer…


Where’s Great Beer

It’s all about the beer. No sports bars allowed on this list. Sorry Buffalo Wild Wings….

Where’s Great Pizza

No national chains allowed. These are very well rated pizza places in the DC area.

&Pizza – Good Fast Casual Pizza

&Pizza ( is a fast casual pizza chain in DC, that serves some really convincingly good pizza (see our Pizza map, of good pizza places, this is on it). You know fast casual, like Chipotle burritos,  Cava’s Greek rice bowls, and Subway assembly line subs. In this case, &Pizza offers premium ingredients that are assembled…

Happy Hour – Pizzeria Paradiso

The original DC artisan pizza place. Still going strong 25 years later, with one of the best pizza and beer combinations in the city…

Old Dominion – Candi

Don’t let the picture fool you, this is a serious World Class Belgium tripel, that won the 2014 tripel category of the World Beer Competion….